Heavy-duty insights. Light-weight experience.

Stay on top of all the crucial elements of these burning circumstances with special editions of our weekly & monthly surveys.

  • Unique algorithms systematically distribute between your employees over 150 science-backed questions designed specifically for the current conditions.
  • People respond to only 6 questions a week or 16 questions a month while you get unmatched insights across areas such as employee climate, crisis management, remote working, and more.
  • An optional free-text field gets you yet another layer of qualitative insights.
  • Intuitive & interactive dashboards with predictions and smart recommendations allow you to respond immediately to any developments on a level of a single team.


Feedback. Instant. Team. Meeting. More important than ever before.

Introduce a culture of continuous feedback and bring people together with single platform to share and request peer-to-peer feedback, run team and meeting reflections and build custom surveys.

  • Intelligent guided scenarios lead the way allowing you to share and request any feedback effortlessly.
  • See which meetings are productive and why while uncovering the intensity & tonality of communication between teams.


Connect people & information for better collaboration.

Even if they work remotely, connect everyone with a company-wide social network with all the social media features we all love.

  • Share key news at scale, keep everyone informed & aligned. Post, share, comment & like in your secure social feed.
  • Kick-start your social collaboration with workspaces - closed groups for your teams and projects of all sorts.
  • Chat, send pictures, gifs, and emojis in one-to-one messages or in a group chat.


Get things done. Individually or together. Wherever you are.

No matter where they’re working from, your people can stay connected, organized and get things done with all their individual, team & project tasks finally in one place.

  • Set deadlines, track status, collaborate & communicate. All in real time.
  • From customizable lists, visual timelines to a popular Kanban, tasks are displayed to fit any work style.
  • Smart prioritization based on importance and urgency makes sure all key things happen right when they need to.


Motivate. Cheer-up. Recognize good (remote) work.

Recognize good work and uniqueness in the most positive & gamified way.

  • Appreciate others telling them what strengths make them unique with the most positive form of feedback - gamified Bubbles.
  • Celebrate wins, recognize accomplishments and reinforce positive behaviors to boost performance & engagement with portable digital awards & certificates.

Turn the next crisis into opportunity with LutherOne

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