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Performance &

ecosystem as a service 

LutherOne is a revolutionary performance & collaboration ecosystem that combines people & data science with cutting edge technology to radically advance the performance and potential of people and companies while significantly boosting employee engagement.

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From annual evaluations to real-time fluid performance management

My Spectrum

Breakthrough 360 people profiling with unique professional identity


Multidimensional continuous feedback


Smart recommendation engine powered by predictive technology


Effortless weekly surveys based on unique algorithms

Collaboration hub

Internal social collaboration network


Portable digital badges

Luther match

Right people at the right jobs

Performance boost Attrition decrease Precise predictions Right people at the right jobs Employee engagement Smart recommendations Redundant meeting elimination Social collaboration & communication

LutherOne connects a multitude of breakthrough performance & collaboration solutions into a truly revolutionary ecosystem. These various and unique data sources continuously produce big data that fuel our AI to allow you to see and change the future.

The ultimate

ALL IN ONE Office & remote worker's toolkit

No matter the current stage of your business, LutherOne’s modular & fully customisable ecosystem adjusts to your specific needs. Manage work effortlessly with individual & team tasks, collaborate in shared workspaces, communicate through chat and award the best sharing feedback and developing people along the way. All of that and so much more in a single solution.

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One platform to revolutionize

PEOPLE potential & Performance

Thanks to the breakthrough approach to continuous 360s in unique combination with our real-time performance management tools, the LutherOne platform opens a new era of people potential and performance management.

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Unique profiling. Best people for your culture. Top performers for your business. LutherOne

One platform for all key

PEOPLE insights & analytics

All of LutherOne’s premium solutions capture a wide range of vital data. With the use of unique algorithms, big data, and modern technology like machine learning, we translate data into real-time insights which you have never seen before and deliver it on intuitive and easy-to-read dashboards.

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One platform that enables you to

See and shape the future

Thanks to the use of big data & learning technology, LutherOne predicts future events months before they happen. After identifying root causes, our recommendation engine helps you prevent challenges like Attrition, Performance issues, Burnout, and more - with the exceptional accuracy.

Our technology powered by people & performance data lets you match the right people with the right jobs, and radically raise the bar on the performance of your organization through targeted development.

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Predictive technology. Intelligent guidance. The future in your hands. LutherOne

Platform for

Multi-dimensional Continuous feedback

By empowering your people with intuitive, interactive tools to share multitude of continuous feedback types, you can finally say goodbye to loads of emails and unproductive meetings.

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Platform that brings all communication and collaboration to single

Collaboration hub

A new dimension of engagement, social collaboration & communication will simplify your business, and help you eliminate redundant meetings and loads of unnecessary emails.

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We are obsessed with human-centred approach & design, and always strive to deliver the most engaging experience to all the end users to make sure they like coming back to our solutions.



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