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We‘ve spent countless years in the world's largest corporations, working alongside brilliant minds, dabbling in the latest tech.

Yet when it comes to managing people, the most valuable asset any company has, disconnected data & archaic systems powered inefficiencies & decision blindness. This mismatch, amplified by the complete shift in how & why people work, was not just a headache for managers, but a fast track to problems like employee attrition and underwhelming performance.

We scoured the market for a solution that blended the power of people and technology seamlessly – however most felt like they were straight out of the '90s (not in a cool, retro way) and the new kids on the block, with their shiny tech backgrounds, only scratched the surface of what we needed.

So, in true 'if you want something done right, do it yourself' fashion, we rolled up our sleeves and built LutherOne, a perfect blend of human ingenuity, data & technological prowess. A platform that cuts through the fog of outdated systems and brings clarity to decision-making to empower high engagement & performance.

Passion for people, data, digital & performance

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