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The world has changed, and so did the way your people communicate. Inform & engage everyone everywhere with the most effective way of company communication.

Keep everyone informed. Engaged. Aligned.

Post company announcements, use polls to learn what some burning topics on your people’s minds are, share, comment & like in your secure news feed. LutherOne is your single place with all the relevant information, place where your culture comes to life, and where formal leaders become informal influencers.

Keep the important in sight.

Pin critical communications to the top and notify everyone to ensure posts get the visibility they need.

Engage everyone. Everywhere.

Engage your people in important matters with likes, reactions & comments.

Poll to learn what matters to them.

Build a sense of community & engage people in all the important topics.

Profiles. Personal. Powerful.

Let everyone express themselves and personalize their profiles, find the right people, reach out, make connections, or navigate complex organizational structures with ease.

Workspace. Work without the physical space.

Break down silos, connect teams, and empower individuals to work together to solve problems and innovate efficiently. Create news channels, groups for teams, leadership Q&A sessions and other events, or build knowledge sharing platforms with open, closed & secret workspaces.

Modern communication.

Eliminate endless e-mail threads and unnecessary meetings by bringing people together via instant messaging. From 1-to-1 to group conversations, connect people from different locations. Instantly and securely.

LutherOne. Your integrated digital HQ.

Connect the unconnected as LutherOne brings the whole ecosystem of your office tools, apps, and links to a single place. Our no-code integrations make integrating all the important places and resources to create a digital HQ easy.

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