Continuous 360 feedback

Advance people development with a unique combination of modern people & data science that uncovers a new generation of 360 degree feedback.

360 Feedback. Refreshingly revolutionized.

Discover a brand new & way of looking at people development powered by continuous competency feedback from every angle that is light on experience yet heavy on insights.

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People development supercharged by data & people science.

LutherOne comes equipped with people- science-backed competency model built on 64 standardized competencies split to 8 areas proven to correlate with the highest levels of productivity & performance.

Unique and colorful. Just like your people’s profiles.

Get outcomes you would expect with easiness & engagement you wouldn’t. All across devices & platform.

Platform designed to help your people grow.

Empower people to develop focusing on high- impact areas with the least effort possible thanks to personalized recommendations.

Keeping it safe, keeping it confidential.

Designed to keep your data secure and to protect your privacy, LutherOne is equipped with built- in anonymity and outlier protection features.

Match right people with the right jobs.

Unique algorithms combine the best of people science with 360 & performance data to profile and match people with the right positions, maximizing everyone’s potential continuously.

Bring your employee engagement to the next level

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